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Framework’s software and firmware have been a mess, but it’s working on them

The iPhone 16 Pro could fix a major camera lens problem – as new design hints leak

PS5 Pro will reportedly go big on ray tracing, with Sony asking devs to prepare their games for optimization

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Web-based Turbo Pascal compiler

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Embezzlers Are Nice People (2017)

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Zoom CX Summit 2024: Post-Event Summary

AI Transitioning from Ideation to Industrialisation for Critical Business Operations, according to new Rackspace Technology FAIR

Real life 6G speed tests revealed by Japanese tech giants — 100Gb/s transmissions could become the norm for mainstream wireless

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Just Hours Left to File Your Taxes on Time. Here's How to File a Tax Extension Online

Google Sues App Developers Over Fake Crypto Investment App Scam

Microsoft Invests $1.5B in G42

Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting

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The Playdate Stereo Dock got stuck in factory limbo, but it's still coming

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The Heart of Low

You haven't actually got a massive road toll bill - it's a phishing scam, FBI warns

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Apple pulls a Game Boy emulator for App Store violations, but says game emulators are allowed

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Object that slammed into Florida home was space junk for ISS, NASA confirms

If you put server code in your live-service game client, expect private servers

Investors are growing increasingly weary of AI

Roku Makes 2FA Mandatory For All After Nearly 600K Accounts Pwned

Trump butchers Gettysburg history, delivers brain-melting "lecture"

Atturra partners with Brisbane Grammar School to Deploy Microsoft Dynamics Student Information System

Trying to Understand Copilot's Type Spaghetti

A City Is Not a Computer (2017)

EA’s Iron Man game is open world, job listing suggests

Donald Trump looks so nauseous and pale walking into court — not even his orange makeup could mask his sick fear (video)

Learning about distributed systems: where to start?

T-Mobile employees across the country receive cash offers to illegally swap SIMs

Cohesity extends collaboration to strengthen cyber resilience with IBM investment in Cohesity

The ASUS ExpertWiFi EBM68 Business Mesh System brings robust and reliable WiFi to home and office

CSIRO 'empowers SMEs' to turn advanced manufacturing solutions into R&D opportunities

Building a Tape Echo In A Coke Can Tape Player That Doesn’t Really Work

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Apple's iPhone 16 Pro Camera Will Reportedly Produce Less Lens Flare

16" Oscillating Fan

Access4 Launches Flex for Microsoft Teams

FinTech Australia calls for capital raising, trade support for industry ahead of federal budget

A D&D Actual Play Show Is Going To Sell Out Madison Square Garden

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Histomap: Visualizing the 4000 year history of global power (2021)

New Titanosaur Species Identified in Argentina

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DJT stock falls after filing indicates Trump ready to dump it

Donald Trump desperately "grasping at straws" as he tried — but failed — to remove judge in criminal trial today

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